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Farm Produce Devon Devon Farm Produce Devon Farm Produce


In the Spring of 2006 we left our respective corporate pasts behind us to set up Fine Country Lifestyle.

We started as a small specialist grower of unusual and coloured vegetables, salads, fruits and herbs for the restaurant trade where the edible flowers and salad leaves are a particular favourite.

Our aim was to grow, produce and rear the best fruit, vegetables and meat as we possibly could. By growing heritage and unusual varieties we added value so that the produce stood out and offered an alternative to supermarket produce.

We wanted to use traditional methods, working with the seasons, believing that good food is ‘slow food’. ¬†All of our produce is hand made using mostly our own produce.

We replanted an orchard with various varieties of apples, plums, cherries, quince and pears that were historically grown locally.

Our fruit cages house all of the tayberries, loganberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries as well as the black, red and white currants that are used in our preserved fruits and juices. When in season these fruits are also available

Our breeding sows are Oxford Sandy & Black, rare breeds. Originally introduced to help clear the ground naturally by rotovating and fertilizing, the pigs enjoy a rooting free range lifestyle. Our pigs are all bred and reared on the farm, fed quality food and travel only five minutes to the local abattoir. This ensures a stress free journey and the meat then returns to the farm to be butchered by a local butcher who also rears pigs and shares our philosophy on pig rearing.

These pigs provide all the naturally reared pork that we use in our pork meat products and importantly the charcuterie. The animals are kept in small groups with access to free range all year round. By spending time with the animals we help to keep them stress free, healthy and happy.

Farm Produce Devon
Devon Farm Deli Stock fresh seasonal vegetables

Devon Farm Produce
We have a large variety of eggs on our farm, Devon

Farm Produce Devon
Vist our farm, Devon to taste the varied meats
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Devon Farm Produce

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