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The food and products produced at our farm varies greatly from Salad Leaves with edible flowers to quality charcuterie made from our home reared pork.

Charcuterie and Smoked Food

Charcuterie was originally intended as a way to preserve meats before the advent of refrigeration, they are prepared today for their flavours derived from the preservation processes. In 2010 after much research, we started making our own charcuterie from meat we had reared. All our products are cured prior to smoking using dry salt or our own brine or marinade to reduce available water content, thereby helping preservation and enhancing the flavour.

This had been our ambition for a long time and by using our own meat we are able to ensure traditional artisan charcuterie at its best in the production of our:

Chorizo (Hot & Standard)
Coppa Ham
Air Dried Hams
Saucisson Sec
Toulouse Sausages
Oak Lodge Spiced Beef
Smoked Chicken and Duck Breasts
Scotch Eggs
Pork Liver & Brandy Pate
Pork Liver, Brandy & Wild Garlic Pate
Plain Sausages, Crushed Black Pepper Sausages & Honey Roast Sausages

The Oak Lodge Spiced Beef is cured in Spices for a month and cooked slowly to produce a delicious moist and flavoured Beef. The Beef we use is reared on local farms as provenance is very important to us.

The Air Dried Hams are available in whole legs or small joints in a variety of cures. Plain Salt Cured and Smoked. Smoked Ginger & Garlic, and Black Strap (Cured in Black Treacle and Smoked).

All of our produce is handmade in small batches, using traditional methods. We do not use anything artificial in our products and use only rare breeds that are reared slowly for the wonderful texture and flavour they produce.

Home Grown Produce

Our Salad Leaves and Edible Flowers are grown all year round. In the summer they grow outside in the fields and in the winter they flourish in the warmth of the polytunnels. They are picked fresh and arrive at the end user within hours ensuring a fresh and visually delightful accompaniment to any meal or snack.

We also grow traditional Rhubarb along with all the berries and soft fruits from our fruit cages including: Tayberries, Loganberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Gooseberries, Black, Red and White Currants.
Vegetables that are seasonally available include Courgettes, both Green & Yellow, Straight & Round.

We grow Beans that are Green, Yellow and Purple. Marrows, Squash and various colours of Kale and Chard are seasonally grown along with our Chillies, Peppers Aubergines, Cucumbers and Tomatoes. Interesting Beetroot (Golden, Striped and traditional) complete the broad variety of produce available.

Herbs also available when in season:

Sage Rosemary Sweet Sicily
Thyme Bay Dill
Mint Basil Coriander
Chives Flat Leaf Parsley Bronze Fennel
Lovage Curly Parsley  
Borage Marjoram  

The herbs are also picked to order to ensure freshness and flavour that will last longer and enhance the flavour of the food they accompany.

For upcoming events please see our Facebook page.

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